Abstract: The naturopathic medicine, makes use of the the major elements of adaptogen such as natural principles, rules, prescriptions, drugs and foods, to eliminate the causes of diseases, cut off the pathogenies, and resolve the pathogenesis. It is very different from the natural principles, rules, prescriptions and drugs with the symptomatic treatment of Allopathy in terms of substance and means. Therefore, whoever the legislators, medical staff or common people, can not but become aware of and cautious.

Because almost the every national medical and health regulations in the world, most based on allopathic theory, from the definitions of medical diagnosis, treatment, curative effect and etc, it is hard to avoid narrowing and making an arbitrary decision, which sometimes cannot meet the people’s demand for medical treatment and health promotion; it is also a very different from the naturopathic meaning and definitions. This article intends to clear explain the differences and the distinctness between the Chinese naturopathy and the allopathy with favourable and adverse academic points of views, it expects that both return the right direction, and can complement each other with respect.

Keywords: favourable therapy, adverse therapy, pathogeny, diseases with a toxin, pathogenesis, Adaptogen


In 1979, the World Health Organization announced that the mankind is bound to develop the four medicines in the 21st Century.  At the 2001 Cross-Straits Academic Conference on TCM, held in Beijing in 2001, Chen Chou-Yi, a TCM physician and founder-chairman for Taiwan World Federation of Chinese Naturopathy, published the world’s major four medical therapies analysis (shown as chart), he took a braod and long term view to integrate TCM and and natural medicine, and it is concise and comprehensive to make the chart to classify the traditional Chinese medicine, Western naturopathy, homeopathy as favorable therapy, the allopathic (Western medicine ) as adverse therapy. I think that all medicines, therapies in the world should go back to the origin with streams, that is to follow the nature.

(The chart extracted from the Naturopathy Journal – P8-11/No.120.)

. The Understanding of Chinese Naturopathic Medicine

Chairman Chen felt that today’s medical knowledge is difficult to understand, the medical moral is going to decline, so the the twenty four words were proposed “In accordance with Yat-sen Sun’s teachings of the deceased, to advocate the revolution of medical moral; revive the Chinese culture and promote world harmony “, keeping for a life-long target to strive for. The bimonthly Tatung TCM founded on November 12, 1976 (changed its name to Naturopathy in March 1984) (Note1); In 1992, integrated the three kinds of Western homeopathy, naturopathy and Chinese medicine, set up a generalized “Chinese Naturopathic Medicine. Its scientific thought only esteemed the favorable therapy; which aims to promote the Chinese and national naturopathic medicine in the world, so as to set up the medicine for everyone and the preventive medicine.

I think that it is why can be called the Chinese Naturopathic Medicine or “Chinese Natural Medicine, because it follows the nature, in accordance with the universe; according to almost the Chinese Taoism, suitable for human feelings; in line with the rules, connected to the knowledge of changes; have the senses of everythings on earth, and the regulation of space time. So who can   maintain the heaven, earth, human, dynamic balance, principles, prescriptions, drugs, foods in harmony on the basis of tenet, all can be referred to as “Naturopathy”, also referred to as “TCM” – according to the Chinese Taoism in conformance with the natural medicine. So that the interpretation of TCM is no longer confined to the regional medical development in the areas of Central Plains, Its meaning and implication could be worldwide extended, further promote the feasibility of universal Great Harmony. (Note2)

. The Differences of Favorable and Adverse Therapies

Herein to talk about the favorable therapy and the adverse therapy, but at first shall know why the therapies have to do? How to do? What resulted from the therapies? These three aspects must be taken into consideration, and then it is significant and valuable for the therapies.

TCM saying distinguished from the great doctors control the preventive diseases, the middle-grade for those ongoing diseases and the low-grade for those occurred diseases, the main medicines also have the conception of prevention rather than treatment, and early symptoms have to be treated  early. But in practice, there are a lot of differences between the both.

There is a saying how the people eat cereal grains how would not get sick. Indeed, in the real-life environment, in anyone’s life, almost nobody can live to the end avoiding from illness. Therefore, in general, as long as talking about disease, it is convinced that the modern people cannot but recall the occurrence such as cold, fever, cough, stomatitis, tonsillitis, allergic rhinitis, tympanitis, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, gout, stroke, hepatitis B, hepatitis A, hepatitis C, hepatocirrhosis, uremia, even cancer and so on. From the known diseases of main medicines, we can find that these have the common characteristics, that is named according to their pathological phenomena, distinctive forms of bacteria and viruses, the organic and physiological locations. In short, all as the results.

The diseases have been definite defined, it is convinced that the general people could think of making prescription against symptoms, for example, taking aspirin who catch a cold; hypertension, using Hypotensive Agents immediately who has havshypertension, ischemic heart disease or myocardial infarction. a tablet of Glyceryl Trinitrate is ready at any moment, cancers treated by operation, chemotherapy and actinotherapy, these diseases treated as if the soldiers warded off by the generals, the water covered with soils, although get effect instantly, perhaps it is necessary to treat the acute diseases on the surface. However, this low-grade doctors treat the occurred diseases or at the end of diseases as if confront enemies, and then the non-natural principle, rules, prescriptions and  rugs by taking temporary solution, not effect a permanent cure, after removed them with satisfaction, that is to control the results with adverseness, not only taking medicine after the diseases occurred, as if dig a well when thirsty, and cast a cone for a bucket, how late it is. The Yellow Emperor’s Medical Canon left pharmic or medical pathogens which are hard to be tackled, sometimes the medical professionals feel headache, the people cannot help but regret. Otherwise, why Dean·Boweier, MD, the United States, he said: ” the knowledge what we will teach you, a half is wrong. Unfortunately, we do not know which half. (Note 3)

Therefore, it is possible that the great doctors control the preventive diseases, not only prescribe against symptoms, but also cut off the pathogenes, remove the causes of diseases, and resolve the pathogenesis, and further support with the inherent naturopathic energy (Medicatrex) (Note 4), that is to control diseases at the root, not on the surface, or control the diseases on the surface and at the root ?

If ask for what the great doctors control the preventive diseases, it should be have a new overall thinking with another point of view for sickness, diagnosis, medicine, and treatment. I risk everyone’s condemnation following the substance of Chinese Naturopathic Medicine “, give my experiences what I have learned and opinions, sincerely provide these to the fellows and the common people for references, and honestly pray for each fellow’s support what will be highly appreciated.

. What are the diseases?

TCM believes that the diseases are the dynamic phenomenas of positive and pathogenic factors rising and falling (Note 5), the so-called maladjusted Yin and Yang result in diseases, and the equal of Yin and Yang defined as Tao, the partial Yin and Yang defined as diseases. The Western naturopathy regarded that the diseases make the performance of the body against foreign enemies and self-detoxification, and also the cells cry for help.

. Where are the causes of diseases?

British knight Mcannchi closed his clinic at Harleywei in London and return to the homeland of a small town in Scotland, in order to devote himself to exploring the real causes of diseases, through rich clinical experiences and intelligent observation, and finally got the conclusion which the same toxins resulted in arthritis if remaining in the joints; resulted in hepatitis if remaining in the livers, nephritis caused if remaining in kidneys; dermatitis caused in the skin; diabetes caused in the pancreas; mental disease caused in the brain.

British Harry Benjamin clear pointed out the purpose from the very beginning in the book of Naturopathy, whatever the forms of diseases become, all resulted from one cause, that is the accumulation of waste toxins in the body.

Japan’s Edo period, Yoshimasu,Todo’s theory about a poison of all diseases. (Above three citation extracted from Chou-Yi Chen’s works)

According to the academic instruction of Chinese Naturopathic Medicine, I agree with TCM physician, Chou-Yi Chen’s opinions on “Qi of all diseases ” and ” A virus of all diseases”.

As the above scholars’ conclusions, the experiences given as follows:

. How to diagnose

  1. Today’s mainstream medicines have various names of diseases, according to the record of Western Medical Code, the names of diseases recorded over 178,000 varieties, and now over 200,000 varieties (Note 6). So that the doctors can hardly examine and check the diseases if don’t make use of medical instruments and appliances and other tools. Because the pathological test reports and data shall base on the evidences and reasons. So that the complex predicament with expensive cost for diseases caused, is it possible that ten-thousand diseases have to make ten thousand kinds of drugs? Otherwise, how to make the prescriptions according to the symptoms? What’s more, a lot of diseases are difficult to find the causes. The human has multi-dimensional organic vivo with qi, blood, meat, energy, field, emotion, mind, soul and spirit, it is impossible to see all through a hole.
  2. There are business opportunities in the market, military principles in wars; disease with its pathogenesis, also cancer, so, what is pathogenesis?

As Chou-Yi Chen’s point of view from “Chinese Naturopathic Medicine”, he pointed out that the word “Ji” represents the tiptop state of an art, the Yin & Yang Reflection Theory in the earliest TCM classic “Yellow Emperor’s Medical Canon first proposed: ” Disease must be controlled at the root”,  and it pointed out “the root is made up of Yin and Yang. Also said: “Yin and Yang, that is the Taoism of universe. The disciplines of universe, the parents of changes, the basis of life and death, the places of gods”. From the modern point of view, the so-called “Yin & Yang”, represents a creator or omniscience in Heaven, it represents the naturopathic energy for human, it dominate the pathogenesis. In short, the pathogenesis is the information during the fight between the positive factors and the evil factors, with its mobility, TCM concluded it into eight-principal syndromes differentiation, such as Yin & Yang, exterior & interior, cold & heat, deficiency & excessive”. But literally, it is not enough for a dynamic sense, after TCM physician Chou-Yi Chen researched the new eight-principle such as pathogenic factor & positive factor, inside & outside, in & out, rise & drop, it supplement the old eight principles inadequate in a thousand years. See the details: Jin-Yuan Dynasties Four Great Masters’ New Medical Explanation (written by Chen Chou-Yi), In short, the pathogenesis is invisible, which depends on the interaction between the universe and the human for regulation and discrimination, also presume its causes according to the clues manifested through body, mind, and spirit, to know how with multi-level, full-range and the level of superorganic reasoning. Chinese naturopathic medicine still keep the eight-principal syndromes differentiation integrated with the new eight- principle:

(This table extracted from the Journal of Naturopathy No.125- P6)

 Basically, at least four aspects must be considered together. 1. structure, 2. psychological and sexual, 3. physiological, 4. Environment. Cooperating with TCM “adjust measures to local people, chances and conditions” to be suitable, or with the help of Western “Naturopathy” or “Homeopathy” or “Energy Medicine”, these approaches can be used for comprehensive test and diagnosis.

The pathogenesis is the dynamic process of various interactions before the result is not yet determined, it is often invisible, if the lottery numbers of six groups announced is the pathological data, then forecast what is the eight-principal syndromes differentiation, that is the overall intelligence based on the meaning, not on words, based on the wit, not on literacy, with multi-level reasoning, and understand the interaction between the universe and the human.

What is a crucial point, and the changes mean the movement uncertain. Therefore, anyone who knows how to act properly; one who does not know how to act, “Yellow Emperor’s Medical Canon — Plain Questions • Justice and Evil Interacting Theory “.

. Whats a Good Medicine?

  1. Medicine drug (Western medicine) are mostly of acid toxin or poison, the homology of drug and toxin. Therefore, medicine drug ≠ food (western medicine can not be equal to food. so, the food of course has no symptomatic efficacy of the medicine drug).

Medicine drugs are made according to its symptoms, so its effect is to eliminate the symptoms, but more or less medicinal-genic disease.

I wonder whether the west wind came to the east a hundred years ago, defeated the ManQing government with the western ships and guns, also defeated the Chinese people’s confidence, even the translation of the medicine, the Chinese herbs directly were translated into the medicine or drug same to the Western medicine, how unjust it treated. The Chinese herbs, for those unhappy who are diseased, they will be pleased if eat the relevant herbs, so the stroke added on the Chinese word “Le” become the hieroglyph of herb. Today, the medical management focus on the theories of mainstream medical medicine or drug as standards almost by every national government in the world, often in addition to TCM and Chinese herbs regarded unscientific, also the foods have been stipulated that can not be advertised the curative effects. As everyone knows, this medicine is different from that medicine or drugs; this effect (favorable therapy for the solution) is not that (adverse therapy for eliminating symptoms), the both really should not be mentioned in the same breath, and this is  confused with that. Chinese medicine and herb have been defined under the guidance of the TCM theory, it is through the symptoms differentiation for diseases control, and take insight into the pathogenesis according to  the pathogenies and the roots of diseases, to relieve and reconcile with natural principle, rules, prescriptions, foods and medicine or herbs; also take a drastic measure to deal with a situation, so that the yin and yang balanced for the body (Yin calm and Yang maintaining, the spirit can be controlled), the symptoms are often natural to be healed.

Therefore, The food cannot be advertised the curative effects regulated in the rule, which shall refer to the effect of Allopathy, instead of the effect of favorable therapy of naturopathic medicine. The both urgent need to be explained clearly, and should not be confused.

.  How to treat ?

For the acute disease, treat it on the surface; for the relieved disease, control it at the root; the both are acute, shall be controlled on the surface and at the root together.

  1. Adverse therapy: the mainstream medicineregards disease as an enemy, it will be satisfactory to remove it, so as to eliminate the symptomsfora maintherapeutic purpose.
  2. Favorable therapy: Chinesenatural medicine regards disease as a relative and teacher, cut off the pathogeny, remove the cause of disease, resolve thepathogenesis, so that the basic conditions ofdiseasedisappear, then thedisease is natural healed, take a drastic measure to deal with a situation.

E.g.: Top-grade Chinese herbs (such as Ganoderma, food ferment, beneficial fungus, Glabrous Greenbrier Rhizome, black fungus, etc.) , the scope of application (health preserving, therapy assisting, covering throughout the life)

However, thelow-grademedicineand Western medicine cannot cover the entire life .

In summary, there is no different way for the prevention and control of diseases (use the same way to control other disease). Just as the couplet, in GuiYuan Temple, one of the four Buddhist Temple in Hunan, it indicated that there is no other road in Guiyuan, but more doors for convenience”, as well for the favorable therapy, but more accesses for therapeutics. Indeed, the best way is to make the prevention at the stage of health or sub-health. But if enter into a diseased or terminal stage, sometimes have to control the disease on the surface and at the root together. In the case, the west and the east can be appropriate complementary each other. But it is subjected to strict control the disease with poison, it is fine at the point. Such as TCM emphasized that the diseases treated with  big poison, removed six out of ten (Yellow Emperor’s Medical Canon). Avoid the poison used to the end, but do not know how to give support to remove pathogenic factors, the pathogenic factors are repelled, the positive factors will be safe.

Ancient famous motto “people-controlling and self-governing, governing of here and there, controlling of big and small, as well as country and family, nothing is controlled by adverseness,  the dominator only comply with the rules (Yellow Emperor’s Medical Canon — Lingshu), “Yin Yang, and four seasons, the beginning and end of the universe, the basis of life and death. Contrarily, the disaster resulted from it, in compliance with it, the illness cannot appear, and that the ethic has been obtained. As the ethic, A saint acts in accordance with it, the featherwits admire it. Everything grows in compliance with yin and yang, contrarily, it is returned to die; the control can be done in accordance with it, contrarily, the turmoil occur. (Plain Questions — Four Seasons Regulation Theory)…… especially the nature is never violated. Don’t forget the aphorism “those who submit the nature will prosper, those who resist shall perish”. (Note 7)

1. Favorableness: as the power of Buddha says: the relation is cut but the cause is not occur (sutra), and then the result is reliable.

2. Adverseness: as the saying: cut grass without removing the root, it grows with the spring wind.

Ⅷ. The Condition of Natural Medicine

Any principle, rule, prescription, medicine and food of natural medicine shall be consistent with the main elements of adaptogen, as long as it is not to be blameable firstly, don’t desire for virtues; Do not desire for the effectiveness, but no harm. This is in line with the ancient medical master’s aphorism “Disease control does not harm the health” .

Adaptogen, has three conditions:

  1. nontoxic,no side effects.
  2. Broad effectiveness, its role is not limited to the specific viscera, organs.
  3. 3. Normalizing the body function.

( be able to adjust and stimulate the whole body, so that the body is normalized to reach the homeostasis inside the body or the self-healing ability).


Golden Mean: “happy, anger, sorrow, joy, it is called as mean if the feelings are not relieved, called it as harmony if relieved at the moderate degree. As moderation, it is the foundation of universe; as harmony, the natural law of universe. When the neutralisation are available, it is the place of universe, everything is cultivated. As well, the human health requires all systematic function of viscera and organs and the mind and nature maintaining the state of neutralisation, what is called the “Yin calm and Yang proper, the mind will be regulated”, “positive qi is inherent, the evil qi never interfere it; spirit is inherent, where are diseases” (Yellow Emperor’s Medical Canon). The diseases occur due to yin and yang become disharmony, so if use the natural therapy, as shown, take the favorableness (anti-control ) to improve the case, induce the evil factors out. Or take the adverseness (positive control) to balance yin and yang, it is in fact favorableness although adverseness; the results come to a neutralisation.


In summary, this control is different from that, as well as therapy, whateve therapy is called same, but the meaning and definition are different, it is unsuitable to confuse the both.

Chairman Chen has the experiences of research and clinic over ten years, “Nature first, Experience second, Science third. the favorableness of natural therapies make patients natural healing.

Today, in the early 21st Century, the human shall learn from regardless of where the orientation is, only the favorableness is a trend, according to the ancientry, don’t rigidly adhere to it, today, it is required to keep pace with the times, inherit the past and usher in the future, carry on the past and open the way for future, be simplified, tend to become luck and avoid evil. Sincerely expect that the Oriental idealistic GeWu (to study the nature of things) macroscopy gets to know the Western materialistic scientific microcosm, the Western materialistic scientific microcosm is able to tend to the Oriental idealistic macroscopy. The human could understand more objective nature, respect for nature, make a good use of nature with favorableness and less or no adverseness. the universe and human can exist in harmony, and then the human health is entirely ensured.

Finally, Lao-tzu’s Chapter 25 “the human follows the earth, the earth follows the heaven, the heaven follows the natural law, the law follows the nature, I expect to make mutual encouragement with all of you.


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See details “naturopathy and Chinese Medicine.”

Note 5: Posive qi: “Lingshu, CijieZhenxie” said: “true (positive) qi, offered by the nature, integrated with Gu qi and fill the body”. Every body function normal and healing ability (self-healing power).

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