Chinese Natural Medicine


As early as 1934, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ye Tangquan, a Chinese herbalist (1896-1989) often pondered the question of “where does Chinese medicine go?” and advocated the path of creating China’s originality. He edited the book “Native Medical Medicine Prescriptions”, proposed that medicine does not distinguish Chinese medicine portals, searches for experience in ancient ways, treats diseases with traditional Chinese medicine methods, and pursues scientific science in modern times, pursuing scientific Chinese medicine and westernizing Chinese medicine. The famous Japanese medical scientist and president of the Toyo Medical Association commented on this work as “an epoch-making good work”. Subsequently, he edited the book “National Gynecology Chinese Medicine Formulary” and “Chinese Medicine Health Knowledge”




Ye Wenquan Chinese Medicine Doctor published the book Nature Medicine


Chen Yuyi Chinese medicine practitioner started publication on November 12, 1976 [Datong Chinese Medicine]




In March 1984, [Datong Chinese Medicine] was renamed [Natural Therapy], proclaiming “based on the legacy of the founding father (Mr. Sun Yat-sen), promoting the medical revolution, rejuvenating Chinese culture, promoting world harmony, promoting natural remedies in China and the world, and building everyone’s Medicine, Family Medicine and Preventive Medicine”


In 1986, the founding president of the Taiwan Natural Chinese Medicine World Congress, Chen Yuyi (1924.9 ~ 2008.3) made a special trip to Nanjing to visit Mr. Ye. They clicked right away, and then they become friends with a common goal. At the same time, there is a chance to interact with Professor Ye Yong, who is also a son-in-law of Ye. It is even more determined that Chen Lao promotes and promotes Chinese natural therapy medicine. His works include “New Essence of Traditional Chinese Medicine”, “New Explanation of Jinyuan Four Family”, “New Chinese Medicine Pathogenesis” On monographs such as “Natural Therapy and Chinese Medicine”




In March 2008, it was suspended for some reason. In summary, Ye Lao and Chen Lao and Ma Lankan are the pioneers of natural medicine on both sides of the Taiwan Straits.


We should take the lead and start with the Chinese culture, integrate the natural remedies medicines of various countries, simplify and systemize them to achieve a life practice that is consistent with the theory and practice so that it can be put to the world and benefit all mankind.


Since the beginning of the 21st century, human beings have experienced natural disasters, energy crises, food shortages, various acute and chronic diseases, and so on. The flu problem has once again made governments, medical circles, and people scared. People are deeply impressed by the pressure and crisis of Environmental Degradation and must face the environmental factors such as human factors. The dilemma of mutation.

Associate Dean of the American Academy of Natural Medicine, Professor of the University of Illinois, and Dr. Chen Houqi/Professor of the Chicago Natural Rehabilitation Center in the United States pointed out in the paper “The Historical Mission of Natural Medicine – New Thinking in Medicine in the 21st Century” (2010.10):

“Currently, the global deaths caused by chronic diseases and the harm to human health are increasing. Chronic diseases have become the leading cause of death among adults all over the world. The growing numbers of chronic diseases are evolving into a health crisis for human society. This is A war without smoke, it will bring harm to the entire human society, far more than people’s current estimates.

It was also clearly stated in the summary report presented by the World Health Organization in November 1996: “The current development of medical care is to create medicines that cannot be afforded and unfairly around the world”. “Many countries are now on the verge of availability”. Richard H. Carmona (MD, MPH, FACS), the 17th chief physician of the United States, stated in 2007: “The disease medicine in the United States has gone bankrupt. We must use health natural medicine to prevent chronic diseases and improve health.”

Therefore, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) adopted by the World Health Organization (WHO) on July 22, 1946, the definition of health: “Health is not only physical but also mental health, social adaptation. And moral health.” Therefore, how to follow this definition, first jump out of the anti-medication (Allopathy) palliative and not cure the thinking and norms, based on Chinese medicine, integrate the natural remedies medicine and biotechnology knowledge of the world, combined with the East and West nature Medicine, through research and education, promotes the healthy development of “life, life, ecology, livelihood, production” for all human beings (Health for All)

Subject matter

Health is not divided into races, borders, and poverty. Health is the greatest common denominator of human values and basic human rights and personal responsibilities.

” Based on Chinese culture, we integrate natural remedies from all regions of the world, simplifying and systematizing them. To strive for a life practice that is consistent with theory and practice. After years of research and practice, we believe that “environmental protection in the body is the key to solving endogenous diseases.” there is a universal standard solution and it benefits all mankind.

  Promote the development of Chinese natural medicine in the Asian region, focusing on the prevention, conditioning, and reversal of endogenous diseases (non-infectious diseases), and earnestly implement disease prevention and treatment.


Promote Chinese natural medicine with research and education, and assist the academic, medical and general public to understand the value of Chinese natural medicine in terms of simplicity, convenience, efficiency, effectiveness, and testing. Promote health promotion education in accordance with the principles of Chinese natural medicine. In the end, we will set up a Chinese University of Natural Medicine for the sake of good affinities and good energy (currently the Internet platform is established to establish the Natural Science Abstracts of the Chinese Journal of Natural Medicine, the Institute of Environmental Health Promotion,, etc.).

Note: 368 Health Promotion System Engineering:

Three-stream loop (life triple): material flow, energy flow, information flow.

Six types of dredging (step):

1.Change the concept

2. Improve excretion

3. Dredge the meridians

4. Dredge the bile duct

5. Promote the flow of qi and blood

6.dredge the sweat gland

Eight types of replacement (method):

    1. Change the concept
    2.  Change mood
    3. Change the habit
    4. Change the diet
    5. Change the water
    6. Change the environment
    7. Change the movement
    8. Change the product