Zhong-hua declaration on natural medicine

The preface

We take these truths for granted:

It is the natural right and sacred duty of every citizen of the world village to pursue health and possess the primary means to maintain health. Citizens with different cultural backgrounds should have full freedom to respect, inherit, and carry forward their unique medical humanistic traditions. Medical care and health are the life practices that every citizen needs to take an active part in. “reverence for life” is the principle that all modern human society should follow.

First, advance with The Times medical innovation

More than a century ago, the U.S. Congress to maintain the integrity of the medical, scientific grounds, enacted a series of control policies of therapeutic development, have much changed in North America and other parts of the world medical education and clinical practice. Many of the world’s Natural medicine (Natural medicine) and Traditional medicine (Traditional medicine) marginalized, biochemical medicine (Biochemical medicine) mode occupied the dominant position of mainstream medicine. This medical model leads to the western medical opinion that the core of medical care is symptomatic management of therapeutic A11 apathy and epidemic control.

Its direct consequence is the Chronic disease around the world (Chronic diseases), Difficult diseases (about illness) noncommunicable diseases (Non – infectious diseases), recessionary disease (Degenerative diseases) and the physical and mental diseases (Psychosomaticic diseases) continuous growth and endless social health resources consumption.

True, the present medical system has the necessity of existence. However, when this system is continuously becoming scientism, it monopolizes the right to medical discourse, exhausts social resources, combats medical humanity, and make an antagonistic relationship between doctors and patients. At that time, a civilized society should seriously reflect on the one-sided views and defects in its historical evolution, reshape the medicines that conform to “The Middle Way,” and achieve maximum people’s health autonomy. At the same time, the active participation of every citizen and medical practitioner is required. This journey includes but is not limited to the following aspects:

  1. Support the health promotion of medicine than disease prevention (Allopathy): the medical system with the purpose of disease control ignores spiritual life, neglects the ecological environment, and increases various diseases based on symptoms. As early as thousands of years ago, Chinese traditional medicine intelligently integrated endless conditions into a deep and pure “yin and yang” dynamic system, thus concise the definition of life is that the performance of orderly interactions between “essence” (material flow) and “qi” (energy flow) and “spirit” (information flow) in a specific time and space. The disease originates from the multiple factors affecting the dynamic balance of life, such as yin and yang disorders and social-ecological environment. The treatment methods should follow the simple and effective rule that “support healthy qi and dispel pathogenic qi” [Note 2]. On July 22, 1946, the World Health Organization adopted the World Health Organization Charter, which clearly defined health: “Health is not only physical, but also mental health, social well-being, and good health. Therefore, how to follow this definition, it is necessary to integrate natural philosophy and humanistic quality on the basis of the existing medical sciences in the East and West, and to jump out of the anti-medical mechanical confrontation thinking and norms, to understand the health and disease are also the two physiological and psychological states in which “yin and yang” coexist, that is, the dynamic manifestation of the “healthy qi” and “pathogenic qi” in Chinese medicine. People who have “healthy qi exuberance with pathogenic qi debilitation” are healthy; The opposite is sick. Only by comprehending this principle can we know the law and help the whole human being to stay away from disease and promote overall health as the priority.
  2. Enhance our vision from physiological and biochemical medical science to life medical science: Physiological and biochemical science controls “disease” at the material level, while life science covers information, Energy and matter. The former aims to cure “the symptoms of the disease,” while the latter focus on “the cause of disease.” Treating the root cause is a unique form of regulating material performance to ensure its healthy existence, that is, maintaining, monitoring, improving and promoting the dynamic balance and harmony of the body at the three levels of information flow, energy flow and material flow.
  3. Distinguish between western Drugs and Foods: Tang dynasty medical scientist Sun Si Miao (581-682) stressed that “all medical practitioners should know the source of disease and treat it with food; when food treatment does not work, then use drugs”; There was also a famous assertion of “food is medicine, and medicine is food” in the western medicine Hippocrates 460-377b.c.The Eastern and Western sages have outlined the main points of China’s “medical, and food are homology” for thousands of years, while Western medicine is “Drugs and toxin are homologous.”
  4. Take Natural medicine or foods rather than drugs: Allopathy Drugs, which focus on symptom control first, usually result in lifelong drug dependence, expensive patent fees, and many toxic effects. The rationale, methods, prescriptions, medication, and diet of natural medical science follow the principle of “Adaptogen”: The impact of nontoxic and non-specific are not limited to specific tissues and organs, which promotes normalization of various parts of the body and maintains overall dynamic harmony. According to the toxicity of drugs and the severity and urgency of diseases, traditional Chinese medicine divides drugs into the top, middle and bottom three kinds, and most of the top medicines meet the requirements of “Adaptogen,” which is the only rule guiding us to reduce drug meditation and treatment.
  5. Guide doctors as mentors and patient as self-saver: Since ancient times, both eastern and western natural medicine have regarded doctors as mentors of life restoration and life practice, treating diseases as teachers and relatives. Except in emergency and emergencies, the cure of any disease is under the guidance of a good doctor with a high conscience and excellent medical skills, and the patient actively participates in the process of life repair and psychosomatic training.
  6. Change the medical education to the daily medical practice: Chinese traditional culture believes in “respecting Tao and respecting virtue” and “harmony between heaven and man.” The I-ching, the first of the classics, is the philosophical source of Chinese natural medicine. Since ancient times, Chinese intellectuals have expected themselves to “be a good doctor if not good minister,” and the ordinary people should not talk about filial piety before he knows medicine.” All these are evidence that medical education and daily routine are closely interrelated. In this highly developed advanced information world, many countries and regions rapidly enter aging societies. Today, except for emergency room service and the prevention of large-scale epidemics, every family ought to take its responsibility for “medical education for all” [4](health relies on self). Each family should understand that the kitchen is its own “elementary pharmacy,” the bathroom is “elementary medical test lab,” the bedroom its own “rejuvenation room,” and the living room a private “health Gym. That is, we believe, the correct way of tackling aging population in vast areas, the prevalence of endogenous illnesses among younger people and continuously rising medical expenses.
  7. Upgrade medical specialty to sound energy system engineering: Conscience as a principle, technology for use; Science and technology will not remain at the stage of “specializing in each category” forever. Modern quantum physics transcends the dichotomy, uniting observers and observations in the same field. Science is something more than medical science. Everyone is born with is a kind of endless source of Energy, called Confucian “benevolence.”The Taoist called it” tao”; Buddhists call it “dharma”; Chinese medicine called it “qi” and west saints called Vital Energy; natural medicine called mediatrix. It gives us the meaning of life and is the basic to save the world and every living creature.
  8. Natural medicine lays the foundation for the development of natural medicine in the world: Chinese natural medicine follows nature, conforms to The Middle Way. Where uses the Middle way to start the country, and Zhong Hua[5] benevolence to nurture the people, are “Chinese” culture and civilization. The long history of humanity has spawned numerous natural medicine system (such as Ayurveda in India, Western Europe, and healing medicine and Anthroposophic medicine, Herbal medicine, etc.), they believe in the mottos of “harmony in human and nature”, maintain the dynamic balance and harmony between heaven, earth, and human beings. Furthermore, Their theories, methods, prescriptions, medicine, and food are highly compatible with and complementary to Chinese natural medicine, so they belong to the natural medicine system of all humankind.

Three, endnotes

Every citizen in the world village has the responsibility and obligation to maintain individual physical and mental health, take benevolence as the basis, and jointly build a sustainable development of harmonious human society.

[note 1] see the communique for details

  1. Basic theoretical points of Chinese natural medicine 8.1

[note 2] “support healthy qi and dispel pathogenic qi”

Support healthy qi refers to assist life vital therapeutic energy; Elimination of pathogenic factors refers to the elimination of any pathogenic factors inside and outside the body.

[note 3] Dr. Isolar rekmann, a researcher at the Soviet national academy of sciences, roposed the idea of adaptive agents in the 1970s. Recognized by the world medical association.

There are three conditions:

    1. Non-toxic and no side effects. (nontoxic)
    2. Broad effect, not limited to specific organs and organs. (nonspecific)
    3. Normalize the body functions. It regulates the normalization that stimulates the whole body.Then homeostasis or self – healing is achieved by normalizing the whole body.

[note 4] “Medicine for all” does not mean that everyone should be a doctor. It means that everyone knows how to make good use of Medicatrix inside in the “middle way” to seek good fortune and shelter from evil. From the legacy of Dr. Chen Yu Yi ,the Chinese natural therapy world association

Governor (1924.9 ~ 2008.3): “on the basis of the father’s ( Sun yat-sen) legacy: Advocate medical revolution, revive Chinese culture, promote world harmony. Generalize China’s and the world’s natural medicine, establish medicine for all, family medicine, and preventive medicine. “

[note 5]What is Zhong Hua?

  1. Zhong, is the Tao of heaven and earth (quote by Confucius), and Hua is a scene in which everything flourishes.Zhong Hua, is the natural rule and laws of the universe
  2. Zhong Hua is the philosophy of “coping with all change by brooking no change”

The Zhong Hua culture (Wen hua) is one of those changes which are inseparable from all changes. Zhong means moderation; Hua means bustling variation; Wen is pattern and( the second) Hua is nursing by nature.


This declaration is in 7 ~ April 9, 2012 was held in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia’s “the 2012 world Chinese natural medicine peak BBS” (https://www.aanmc.info/news/Leaflet.pdf), more than 300 scholars and experts and the Malaysian government by the chief minister of health Liao Zhong lai published jointly signed declaration of “Chinese natural medicine, bulletin”, and Jie Fu Chen, former director of China Institute of traditional Chinese medicine in Taiwan, read it at the opening ceremony.

Based on this, on February 2016, the declaration was drafted by Portland state university natural medicine professor, Dr. Steve Xue, and CEO of the American Institute of natural medicine/natural medicine abstract magazine, Ho Yung Ching President. Then the revised draft was finished by Mr. Yu zhang Fa Confucian scholar, Fu Hai Na, the natural medical school professor, Dr. Li Xin, Mr. Xin, physical and mental health experts, and Mr. Huang Mingyu, President of Li Pin Library.

On July 27, 2018, the eighth amendment was edited again by professor Jie Fu Chen, and, on March 15, 2019, the ninth revision was accomplished by the secretariat of AANM,

Hopefully, we can try our best to provide the guidelines and approaches that are urgently needed for medical reform and natural medicine development in various countries. If it can realize, It would be everybody’s blessing.

On August 25, 2016, at the UN NGO summit held in hall 1, UN headquarters, New York, the NGO summit witnessed a historic moment of human health. Dr. Liu Dong, a famous cardiac surgeon from the Chinese delegation, read the declaration on natural medicine on behalf of the editorial board of the world journal of natural medicine.